Lakha Lama

Lakha Lama has his own unique way of teaching. His way of being is just as much a display of Dharma as his words—the same quality as expressed by H.H. Dalai Lama or Thich Nhat Hanh.

Although there is not one person assigned to represent Buddhism in this world, it seems apparent that The Dalai Lama holds that position by his own virtue. In the same way Lakha Lama holds that position in Scandinavia—from his long work of sharing the Dharma, uniting Buddhists, and from his own living example. From this view I think it is important to share the teachings of Lakha Lama and make them available to all who are interested.

Also, Lakha Lama is a bridge from traditional Tibet to the modern western world, which is also something to consider. Tibet is changing and young Tibetan people in the world may in the future look for ways to reconnect to their tradition.

– Leif Magnusson, Karma Yönten Ling, Malmö, Sweden, September 30, 2020